Plenary speakers


Kirsten Bombliesbomblies
Department of Cell and Developmental Biology
John Innes Centre
United Kingdom 

At PBE2018 Kirsten Bomblies will give a talk on: "Adaptive evolution of meiosis in Arabidopsis arenosa"


Susanne von CaemmererSusanne von Caemmerer
College of Medicine, Biology & Environment

Australian National University

At PBE2018 Susanne von Caemmerer will give a talk on: “Strategies for improving C4 photosynthesis“



David KramerDavid kramer
Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Michigan State University
United States

At PBE2018 David M. Kramer will give a talk on: “Revealing photosynthetic regulatory paradigms using natural variations and massive field measurements”


Caixia GaoCaixia
State Key Laboratory of Plant Cell and chromosome Engineering
Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology 
Chinese Academy of Sciences

At PBE2018 Caixia Gao will give a talk on: “Genome editing with programmable nucleases in crop plants”


Simona RadutoiuSimona Radutoiu
Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics
Aarhus University

At PBE2018 Simona Radutoiu will give a talk on:"Lotus japonicus and rhizobia interactions; from simple to complex associations"


Claire LanaudClaire launaud
Genetic Improvements of Mediterranean and Tropical Plants

At PBE2018 Claire Lanaud will give a talk on:"Amazonia biodiversity, a source of fine cocoa flavour niches"


Wim SoppeWim Soppe

Rijk Zwaan Breeding B.V.

At PBE2018 Wim Soppe will give a talk on: “How do seeds prepare for their future?”


Massimo E. MaffeiMassimo web1
Department of Life Sciences and Systems Biology
University of Turin

At PBE2018 Massimo Maffei will give a talk on: “Production of high value natural plant products: from the laboratory bench to the drugstore shelf”



Peter Reichreich sm1
Department of Forest Resources
University of Minnesota

At PBE2018 Peter B. Reich will give a talk on: "Functional biodiversity and biogeochemistry: linking plant traits and processes in a globally changing environment"


Keynote speakers


Department of Crop Genetics
John Innes Centre
United Kingdom
Department of Plant Sciences
Wageningen University

Fred StoddardFrederick Stoddar pas
Department of Food and Environmental Sciences
University of Helsinki

 At PBE2018 Fred Stoddard will give a talk on: “Faba bean: from gene to plate and back again”



Mark TesterMark tester
Department of Bioscience
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
Saudi Arabia

At PBE2018 Mart Tester will give a talk on: “Genetic characterization of salinity tolerance traits to increase salinity tolerance in crops”


Harro J. Bouwmeesterharro bouwmeester
Swammerdam Institute for Life Sciences
University of Amsterdam

 At PBE2018 Harro Bouwmeester will give a talk on:  “The role of plant host rhizosphere signalling in root microbiome recruitment”


Hans Thordal-ChristensenHans thordal pas
Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences
University of Copenhagen

 At PBE2018 Hans Thordal-Christensen will give a talk on: "A central role of multivesicular bodies in plant immunity"


Alain GoossensAlain Goossens pas
VIB-UGent Center for Plant Systems Biology
VIB life sciences research institute

 At PBE2018 Alain Goossens will give a talk on: "The place to be for metabolic engineering : the ER"


Howard Griffiths
Howard griffith
Department of Plant Sciences 
University of Cambridge 
United Kingdom

At PBE2018 Howard Griffiths will give a talk on: "Photosynthetic diversity: are we concentrating too much on carbon?"


Poul Erik Jensen
Poul erik jensen
Department of Plant- and Environmental Sciences
University of Copenhagen

At PBE2018 Poul Erik Jensen  will give a talk on: "Redirecting photosynthetic reducing power"



Hendrik PoorterPoorter Hendrik
Jülich Plant Phenotyping Centre
Research Center Juelich

 At PBE2018 Hendrik Poorter will give a talk on: "Global change and the questions for which we have no answer (yet)"


Mary lou

Mary Lou Guerinot
Department of Biological Sciences
Dartmouth University
United States

At PBE2018 Mary Lou Guerinot will give a talk on: “Ionome to Genome: Tales of Gene Discovery”



Christian Sig Jensenchristian sig beskaaret
DLF Seed and Science

At PBE2018 Christian Sig Jensen will give a talk on: "Advanced phenotyping in a breeding setup"



Rossana HenriquesRossana Henriques 112x160
School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences

At PBE2018 Rossana Henriques will give a talk on: "Oscillating long non-coding RNAs are novel regulators of circadian-mediated processes"


Wanda WaterworthWanda waterworth
Centre for Plant Sciences
University of Leeds

At PBE2018 Wanda M. Waterworth will give a talk on: "Safeguarding genome integrity in germination and seed longevity"


Stig Uggerhøj AndersenStig Uggerhoej Andersen
University of Aarhus

At PBE2018 Stig Uggerhøj andersen will give a talk on: "The genetic basis for Lotus japonicus cold adaptation and colonization of Japan"

Policy Session speakers

Alan Schulman
Schulman 1

Research professor

LUKE Natural Ressource Institute, Finland

At PBE2018 Alan Schulman will give a talk on: "Open Science – basis for science, innovation and our societies today and in future. How can plant scientists contribute?"


Niels GøtkeNiels Goetke

Member of Bioeconomy Panel of the European Commission

At PBE2018 Niels Gøtke will give a talk on: "Open Science – View on Open science and Open innovation. How can the Member States contribute? Giving examples from FACCE-JPI and SCAR"


Peter OlesenPeter Olesen

Chairman of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) Governing board 

At PBE2018 Peter Olesen will give a talk on: "Openness and connectivity go hand in hand".



Nils StensethSTENSETH Nils

Member of Scientific Council of the European Research Council

At PBE2018 Nils Stenseth will give a talk on: "Open Science – how the ERC can contribute".



annette.schneegansAnnette Schneegans

Senior expert in DG Agriculture and Rural Development, European Commission

At PBE2018 Annette Schneegans will give a talk on: "EU agricultural research: from open science to open innovation. Contributions from Horizon Europe (FP9) and the future Common Agricultural Policy".

Pekka PesonenPekka Pesonen

Secretary General of COPA and COGECA, Belgium

At PBE2018 Pekka Pesonen will give a talk on: "Open Science and access to technologies and solutions – the importance of access to agricultural technologies and of building partnerships between scientists and farmers"


FESPB and EPSO Award speakers

Alberta Pinnola 112x156Alberta Pinnola

Italian Society of Plant Biology, Italy

At PBE2018 Alberta Pinnola will give a talk on "A molecular switch for regulation of photosynthetic light use effeciency in mosses and green algae, named LHCSR"



Torres Ruiz José M 112x168José M. Torres-Ruiz
Sociedad Espanola de Fisiologia vegetal, Spain, and PIAF Research UNIT, Université Clermont Auvergne - INRA, France

At PBE2018 José M. Torres-Ruiz will give a talk on “Plant vulnerability to cavitation: recent advances and perspectives in one of the key mechanisms of vegetation shifts and forest decline”


Andreas Carstensen 112x161Andreas Carstensen
University of Copenhagen, Denmark

At PBE2018 Andreas Carstensen will give a talk on "A new tool for sensitive detection of phosphorus deficiency in plants under field conditions"



Shumei WangShumei Wang 112x150
The James Hutton Institute, United Kingdom

At PBE2018 Shumei Wang will give a talk on "The Delivery of Cytoplasmic Effector in P. infestans Mediated by Secreted Exosomes"


Department of Plant Sciences
University of Cambridge
United Kingdom

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