The programme consists of 9 major scientific themes represented by a Plenary Talk for each theme, with one or two related sessions following as parallel subsessions. Every subsession consists of a talk given by a Keynote speaker, which is then followed by three related talks from speakers selected on the basis of submitted abstracts. So in short the set-up is as follows: Plenary->Keynote->talks based on attendees' abstracts. 


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An important time slot in the PBE scientific programme is the Policy Session.

At each PBE conference, a policy session is part of the program as science and policies are connected in many ways and to encourage the PBE-participants to engage in debate around a current topic.

This time, students and scientists from academia and industry will discuss with policy makers the future of plant science and innovation in Europe, looking at the concept of Open Science, which is becoming more important in light of recent developments in Europe and across the globe.

During the session, each panel expert will give a short inspirational note and then the audience will engage in an open discussion with the panel experts. See the experts here.


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